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See how to apply for the HSBC Personal Loan 


Competitive Rates: Low interest rates.

HSBC Personal Loan

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5 /5
Rates & Fees
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  • APR

    6.9% APR Representative

  • Monthly repayment

    GBP 137.5

  • Interest rate p.a. fixed


Product Details

Make your plans a reality

Borrow between £1,000 and £25,000 with fixed monthly payments of up to 60 months for loans up to £15,000, or up to 96 months for loans over £15,000.

  • Quick credit decision and instant access to funds (after signed loan agreement is received) for HSBC current account customers
  • Make overpayments free of charge
  • No arrangement fee
Our take

Borrow from £1,000 to £25,000

Always know what you’ll have to pay with fixed monthly repayments spread over 1 to 5 years for loans of £15,000 or less, or over 1 to 8 years for loans over £15,000.

Get a quick decision

If you’ve got an HSBC current account you can get an instant credit decision, while non-HSBC current account customers should get a credit decision in 2 to 5 working days.

Quick access to funds

Existing HSBC current account customers could receive the money instantly once your application has been approved and the loan agreement has been signed. Non-HSBC current account customers could receive the money into a nominated account 3 working days after the signed loan agreement is received.

Make overpayments free of charge

Manage your finances the way you want with the flexibility to overpay, which could reduce the amount of interest you have to pay.

So, what did you think about the benefits that you could find in this credit? Of course, we know there are a lot of things that are going to make everything away faster, easier and better for you. But one of the things that you really need that will not really affect what the loan has to offer you is learn how to apply. 

If you know how to apply for this credit, believe us, it is going to be the fastest credit that you have ever gotten in your life. If you want to know how you can apply for it and how you can make the company even trust you more, keep reading down below. 

What are the necessary requirements to apply the HSBC Personal Loan 

Everywhere that you go, you need to have the requirements in order to be able to apply for any financial service. Down below, we are going to tell you more. 

  • are over 18 and a resident of the UK 
  • have an annual UK taxable income or pension, before tax, of £10,000 or more 
  • have a bank or building society account with a Direct Debit facility 

What are the necessary documents?  

Let’s take a look and see what are the necessary documents to apply for this credit. 

  •  Proof of identity, 
  • Proof of income, 
  • Proof of residency. 

What is the main profile for the HSBC Personal Loan 

Let’s see what are the main profiles that you can actually find in this specific credit! Down below, we bring you all of them. 


Purchasing things, is global. Everyone buys stuff, if it is in the market in the morning, or in the afternoon when you go to a coffee shop, something like that. But sometimes it can be bigger things, like if you want to make your house prettier. 

And to make it true, we don’t mean a whole full renovation from zero. We mean an accessory here, an accessory there, maybe some cute clutter. Of course, everything is to make the house seem more lived in, which is. Very important in your comfort. 


And now that above we mentioned that purchases do not equal at renovations, we must sell it that yes, you can still make renovations with this credit. You don’t need to worry about anything when you apply for this loan. You can do a renovation with your home. 

Vanquis Bank Loan

Take the opportunity to apply for this incredible loan now!

For an example, you don’t really like how your bedroom looks like it’s old, it has the same pattern everywhere, and it’s kind of ugly. You can actually change it with the nice renovation with the nice amount of money that you can get from here. 

Purchase of vehicle 

Are you tired of taking the bus? We must admit, taking the bus is awesome, But it is not the best way of transportation, especially in a city that does not have that many. So for an example, if you want to go to the mall, you need to wait for the bus to pass by, which is a bit annoying. 

But with your own car, that will never happen again. You just need to go to your car, and you can go anywhere that you want. Of course, you have extra expenses like gas and things like that, but still. The best thing is that this credit is going to help you buy your next car. 


And finally, studies. If you want to be someone in life, at least nowadays, you need to have a degree. Not because that makes you smarter, but because companies require that for some reason. And no any surprise to see that you need to pay to get a degree. 

And it is very expensive, like very most people that have debts at a young age are from student debt. Which is why applying for a credit that is good, that will not fail you, is important. To choose wisely is to choose HSBC Personal Loan. 

Advice for everyone who wants to apply the loan 

So you probably want an advice or two. Well, we are going to give you one because you won’t need that many. Our only advice for you is to be careful. This is a credit that does not allow a certain type of use, for example gambling to pay off mortgages.  

So if you are someone that is looking for a specific type of credit that does not fit that, you want to keep looking. It is important for you to understand every single part of it. So that the application can go smoothly, and you don’t waste any more of your time. 

Let’s compare the pros and cons: is it really worth it?  

So as we reach the end of everything, we might feel a little somber because this has been a true journey. We spent a lot of time together, or at least we spent some time with you. You are probably going to apply for the loan immediately and forget about this. 

But is it really worth it? And we are going to give you the honest answer that we can have. We believe it is worth it. Now, it doesn’t mean that it is made for everyone. As you can see, it doesn’t have the highest amount that you can get, or it doesn’t have the longest list of benefits. 

Still, it has a lot of other benefits to are going to help you the lower fees, the nice payment terms and things like that are going to make your experience with these credits way better than with others. Which is why after everything we really believed that this one is worth it. If you just give it a shot, you will understand what we mean. 

Apply once and for all the HSBC Personal Loan in the official website! 

It’s finally time to apply for this credit after so much time, you are, probably, excited to learn everything that you need to know in order to make this the best application process and the fastest. Which is why if you click down below, you can go to the official application page. There you’ll be able to apply for it. 

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