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See how to apply for the Zopa Personal Loan 


No Early Repayment Charges: No early repayment fees.

Zopa Personal Loan

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    1 to 7 years

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See your personalised loan rates in just 3 minutes so you know exactly what you could get. Our rates are often among the lowest out there. Checking your rates won’t affect your credit score.

Our take

Representative example

A loan of £10,000 over 5 years will cost you £269.40 per month at a representative 22.9% APR.

The total cost after 5 years is £16,164, which includes £6,164 interest at 22.9% fixed and a £0 fee. The total amount of credit is £10,000.

The rate you are offered will depend on your individual circumstances.

Finally, we are reaching the end. Well, not reaching the end, but this is the last part of the double articles about the Zopa Personal Loan. If you did not see the first part, we talked about the benefits and the disadvantages that we can find in the credit, amongst other things. 

After learning everything, you probably have a bit of an interest in this credit, which is why we are here to tell you how you can actually apply for it. It’s going to be a very fast process and if you follow everything that we tell you, you will be able to do it in no time, so let’s see. 

What are the necessary requirements to apply the Zopa Personal Loan 

 So what are the main requirements for the credit? Don’t worry, it’s actually pretty simple. If you’re looking to apply for this credit, you’re going to find that the requirements are not even that long. They are just a small list that you’re going to be able to see down below. 

  •  be at least 20 years old 
  • be a UK resident with at least 1 year of address history 
  • be employed, self-employed or retired with a pension 
  • have an income of at least £12,000 per year (before tax) 
  • have a credit history that we can see, and a good track record of repaying debt, e.g. utility bills, credit cards 
  • be able to afford the loan (in relation to your income and outgoings) 

What are the necessary documents?  

Take a look at all the documents needed for this credit. 

  •  An in-date Passport 
  • An in-date Driving License 
  • A bank or credit card statement, or utility bill dated within the last 3 months 

What is the main profile for the Zopa Personal Loan 

So did you know that this credit also has a main profile that you can follow that’s right down below? We bring in the main users that people actually do when they apply for the Zopa Personal Loan. Let’s see. 

Debt consolidation loans 

Debt consolidation is one of the main things that people actually do. If you are someone that is struggling with debts or things that you did not pay before, and now they are a real problem, then believe us when we tell you this is going to be the credit for you. 

So how does it exactly work? You have, imagine, two or three loans that you need to pay, but paying separate ones is a bit hard. So you can pay all of them with the money applied from the Zopa Personal Loan. Then he will only have this one to pay. 

House improvement 

Are you tired of your house? If you are like us, then you probably get exhausted just by looking at the same layout over and over again. And if you are someone that already tried every single type of layout, then you probably will get tired of the same furniture. 

Which is totally understandable. So when that happens in, and you want to make a change, you can actually apply for this credit to get a house improvement. Home improvement also is for more deeper things like changing a room, building something or things like that. 


Now, weddings are important along our lives. We will go to a few of them. Hopefully one of them is ours. And if you are going through that time right now, and you’re really excited to actually start your wedding party, you will actually realize that it takes more money than you thought. 

But don’t worry, don’t get your hopes down because we can actually help you with that. Applying for a credit like this is going to be the best choice that you have and the best thing that you do. 

Car loans 

If you go to work into a different city or pretty far away from your home, taking the bus is kind of annoying because most of the time you need to take the bus way earlier than you actually need to leave your house if you had a car. 

So to make that happen less and that you can have a few more hours of sleep, we are here to tell you that applying for this credit is going to help you. You can buy any type of car or vehicle with this one. 

Lloyds Bank Personal Loan

Take the opportunity to apply for this incredible loan now!

Advice for everyone who wants to apply the loan 

So are you excited to learn more about the credit? Well, we have a few things that we want to tell you so that you make sure that the application process goes way smoother. So let’s start. First, we believe that applying for this credit is a great choice. 

So when you are actually applying for it, we want to make sure that the application is faster. So don’t forget to have all the documents with you. Also check with the company which documents you actually need, because they might change. 

Let’s compare the pros and cons: is it really worth it?  

It’s time to compare the pros and cons. Is it really worth it? Should you actually apply for the credit? Well, the answer is pretty positive. We believe it is worth it. Well, maybe it is because we have a closer relationship with this credit after making two articles, but after reading them, you probably already know how good it actually is. 

The high APR that it has might be a downside, and we actually don’t really like this about the credits. But otherwise you have a nice amount, you have nice repayment terms, other fees are actually nice, and also the customer service is just really good. So yes, it is worth it. 

Apply once and for all the Zopa Personal Loan in the official website! 

It’s time to apply for the credit. If you want to apply for it right now, you can click down below. Clicking down below is going to take you to the official page of the credits. There you’re going to be able to apply for it. Let’s take a look. 

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