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Carb-Up: The Key to Mr. Universe Success – Mark Taylor’s Journey with Potatoes and Cereal


The journey of Mark Taylor, a bodybuilder from Fife, Scotland, is a tale of perseverance, dedication, and the importance of nutrition in achieving one’s goals. Throughout his life, Mark faced various challenges in his pursuit of becoming Mr. Universe. However, it wasn’t until he made a significant change in his diet that he was able to achieve his lifelong dream.

Mark’s story began with his passion for bodybuilding, a sport that he dedicated countless hours to in the gym. Despite his hard work, he struggled with chronic fatigue, had muscles that appeared “flat,” and had yet to win the prestigious Mr. Universe title. It wasn’t until he sought the guidance of a new coach that things began to change for him.

This coach recommended a radical shift in Mark’s diet, advising him to incorporate more carbohydrates into his meals. In addition to his regular chicken and vegetable meals, she suggested adding foods like sweet potatoes, white potatoes, grapes, and porridge to his diet. While Mark was initially skeptical of this change, he was willing to try anything to achieve his goal.

As he started consuming more carbohydrates, Mark noticed significant changes in his body. He no longer felt exhausted as he did on his high-protein diet. Instead, he felt stronger, had more stamina during his workouts, and noticed his muscles looking bigger, fuller, and harder. These changes inspired Mark to push himself even further and continue down this new path.

Professor Lindsay Jaacks of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Health and Nutrition emphasized the importance of carbohydrates for physical activity. She explained that carbs are critical for providing energy to both the brain and muscles, making them essential for optimal performance during intense workouts.

By increasing his daily caloric intake and focusing on a diet high in carbohydrates, Mark saw dramatic changes in his physique. He went from weighing 83 kg to 90 kg, and in November, he finally achieved his lifelong goal of becoming Mr. Universe. This accolade was a testament to the power of nutrition in achieving one’s fitness goals.

Mark’s success didn’t stop at Mr. Universe. After making these dietary changes, he went on to dominate Masters contests, winning titles like Mr. England, Mr. United Kingdom, Mr. Britain, and Mr. World. With the support of his family and his dedication to his training, Mark continued to excel in the world of bodybuilding.

Today, Mark and his family own Taylormade Gym and Fitness in Leven, Scotland. Their gym is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion that Mark has for bodybuilding. It serves as a place where individuals can come together to improve their fitness, strength, and overall well-being.

Mark’s journey to becoming Mr. Universe is a reminder of the importance of nutrition in achieving fitness goals. By listening to his body, making necessary dietary changes, and staying committed to his training, Mark was able to overcome obstacles and reach new heights in his bodybuilding career.

In conclusion, the story of Mark Taylor is a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and the impact of nutrition on athletic performance. Through his journey from struggling bodybuilder to Mr. Universe champion, Mark’s story serves as an inspiration to all those who aspire to achieve their fitness goals. By prioritizing proper nutrition, training hard, and staying committed to their dreams, individuals like Mark can reach levels of success they never thought possible.

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